Vivace Flute outfit – Emech – Curved and Straight Headjoints

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The Vivace by Kurioshi Flute outfit has both a straight and a curved headjoint making it ideal for younger players and beginners as it accommodates for a new players’ level of ability with the two types of flute heads.

The student can use the curved head until they feel comfortable to reach the notes without stretching too hard, then they can move up to the straight head. This means that the child can begin learning immediately, instead of waiting until their stretch is great enough.

Silver-plated body and mechanism

E mechanism as standard

Extremely responsive headjoint

Excellent for new players

Yellow double-skin pads with careful attention to the padding process


High quality mechanism springs

Hard outer case to protect instruments

Case cover with strap

Durable construction – important to new players

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‘Vivace Flute outfit – Emech – Curved and Straight Headjoints’